Hello everyone! For today’s blog post, I’m bringing you a collection of photos of my dear friend Zoe, along with a rambly post about why I love her and some of her thoughts on style.

Zoe and I met about four years ago and have become inseparable since. Which is no surprise, since we are basically twins; we love to knit, debate about books, and go vintage and thrift shopping. She is very kind and outgoing, and has so much self-confidence. Zoe recently started uploading YouTube videos where she shares her thoughts on current events and reviews books and movies (you should all go subscribe to her channel!).

One of the things I admire most about Zoe is her self-confidence. She doesn’t seem to care about what other people think of her look; she wears what she wants, when she wants, and looks fabulous doing it! She’s also confident voicing her (eloquent) opinions on topics ranging from politics to feminism (which arguably go hand-in-hand) to why Joe Fresh is the best place to shop.

Zoe, on her favourite shoes: Emy’s [going to] hate me for this but LONG LIVE THE BIRKS!! BIRKS AND SOCKS FOREVER!!! I also looooooove my Blundstones because they have carried me all over the world and have never let me down.

On makeup: [It’s] simple for the most part, because who has time to strobe and contour etc? Not me. If I’m actually *going out* then I’ll try to complement my outfit with my makeup, but on a day-to-day basis I definitely focus on my clothing over my makeup.

“I think that it’s super important to not take style too seriously. I’ve always hated the way that female celebrities are pitted against each other in those stupid “who wore it best” features. And whenever I see female politicians, scientists, and just women in general asked about what they’re wearing instead of what they think or what they’re working on, it just makes me MAD. We are all more than the clothes we wear and the façade the world sees, and it’s really vital that we all keep that in mind while we go about our lives.”

On her style evolution: I went through that phase in middle school that we all did – logos and (bad) capris and statement t-shirts. Throughout high school my style changed as I started to frequent more thrift stores and local boutiques instead of sticking strictly to the mall. Now I’ve discovered online shopping, and that affects my wardrobe as well. I’m also lucky enough to work at a local vintage clothing store, and when I started working there a couple years ago, my style started to reflect the store’s aesthetic as well. So yes, it’s been a rather long journey to my style at this particular moment, and it changes by the hour!

On inspiration: I like Pinterest because it’s like a super temporary moodboard – the turnover is so high, so you can see tons of outfits in a really short amount of time and pick and choose your faves to look at later. That’s where I get a lot of style inspiration from, but I also love TheLineUp on Youtube, and basically anything Beyonce and Brittany Howard wear.

On her current style: If you took a look into my closet, you would have no idea who it belonged to. An old hippie? A businesswoman? A preteen boy? A gymnast? My style can reflect any and all of these at once! That’s what I find so fun about clothing and fashion – you can be one person today, and a completely different person tomorrow! Like most people, I dress according to my mood. Feeling gross? Sweatpants and huge sweater are going on. Feeling energetic? I’ll be wearing bright colours. Feeling super confident? On go the cute dress and shoes and lipstick.

On her favourite pieces: I am lucky enough to own a couple of pieces of my grandma’s clothing. My favourites are a brightly pattered jumpsuit (above) and a red and white dress that she wore in the 60s. I feel a bit closer to her every time I wear them.


If you want to hear more about Zoe’s favourite things, check out her YouTube channel, and follow her on Instagram to see more!


Thank you to Zoe for participating in this blog post. This interview has been edited and condensed.


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