Pretty in Pink








It’s been a while since I’ve been in front of the camera. So it was a little awkward to suddenly find myself in it’s target yet again, especially since I didn’t have a bag or book or other thing to keep my hands busy. There were a lot of senseless flailing and “What do I do with my hands??” moments. But it feels good to be getting back in the swing of blogging.

I’ll admit, this sixties-style suede mini had me feeling like putting on a record and doing the twist! And to think, I used to be a tomboy who refused to wear skirts, let alone any shade of pink…



Outfit Details

Jean jacket: thrifted // Keyhole tank: H&M // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Nine West (similar-ish) // “Meh” pin: Paper-Ya // “Big girl panties” and “tough&tender” pins: Cry Baby Girl Gang // “Wild heart” pin: Jenni’s Prints // Sunnies: Burberry


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