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For the fourth instalment of the Style Files series, I teamed up with Arielle Tan, the fashion and beauty blogger based in Montreal. Through her blog With All My Affection, Arielle shares beautiful photos and honest reviews as well as her favourite fashion trends of the moment. I spoke with Arielle about her experiences with blogging, her inspirations, and more.

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The Eclectic Findings: Arielle, for the readers who aren’t already acquainted with your blog, how would you describe your style?

Arielle Tan: My style is very classic and timeless I would say. I always go for “safe” picks such as flowy and uniform blouses, black leggings, dainty jewelry and so on (maybe except for statement necklaces). I love everything that is minimal!

The Eclectic Findings: Classic is exactly how I would describe you! Were you always drawn to that elegant, streamlined style, or was there an evolution?

Arielle Tan: I would say that watching a lot of bloggers and Instagrammers helped me with my style. It is great because you can see so many outfit combinations that you would have never thought possible! And it is also a question of trial and error; I have made horrible purchases or worn 2 pieces together that looked good but actually were terrible on me. It is

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Olivia Palermo – photo from Vogue

always a learning process as your taste and style evolve constantly.

TEF: Out of all the bloggers you follow, do you have any favourites? Or just style inspiration in general?

AT: Oh my, there are so many! I love Kenzas, Paris in Four Months, Sincerely Jules, Negin Mirsalehi, Gal Meets Glam and so on. I [also] love Olivia Palermo. She has been my style icon for ages. I love how simple yet gorgeous her outfits are. They are always very classic but she mixes a lot of texture, colours, cuts and so on. And she never goes too far with her makeup and hairstyle too. She is perfection to me!

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TEF: You’ve been blogging for a few years now; has editing photos of yourself and analyzing yourself for your blog changed the way you think about yourself?

AT: It didn’t really change the way I see myself just because I don’t have that fame yet (and don’t think I ever will!). I have been more conscious about what I am wearing, smiling, moving, speaking, etc. because now [I am] being observed more by people around [me]. At the same time, I am still being myself because I want to show people I am working with and my readers that I am a very normal and approachable person. Editing my photos on the other hand has been [much] more intense – I am not talking about editing pictures of myself, but I mean my blog posts and Instagram pictures. When you get to collaborate with brands, they expect a certain standard of pictures and review so that definitely made it more challenging for me. I am always looking to get better at taking and editing my pictures! If you look back to my very first posts/collaborations or Instagram pictures, you can see the evolution of my editing and taking pictures process!

TEF: So would you say that blogging has made you more confident about yourself?

AT: Yes definitely, especially since I knew nothing about the blogosphere when I first started 2 years ago. I am more confident because I get such a wonderful response from my readers and from the people I am working with. It is also very motivating when brands approach you and invite you to events – it means that you are doing things right! It is funny because the more my blog grows, the more I am able to be myself and genuine in front of my readers. Normally you [would] think otherwise because some people might get biased working with brands, but since I am doing this for fun (I have a full-time job) I allow myself to be 100% real and this is why (I think!) people like reading my blog.

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TEF: You mentioned earlier that brands are looking for a certain standard and style of photos. Has the blogging and Instagram scene ever made you feel pressured to dress a certain way?

AT: Yes definitely, especially in the fashion and beauty world! I attended quite a lot of events where fashion and beauty bloggers were there and they are always so impeccable. I always felt a bit too “normal” beside them and you can feel the competition sometimes too. But I learned not to worry about it because it can really drive you crazy. I always focus on the reason why I started blogging and why people invited me [to the event] to calm myself down. There is a lot of pressure not only to dress a certain way but to take pictures too, especially on Instagram. That is a whole other topic by itself though!

TEF: One last question for you, Arielle; do you have any advice for people looking to get into the fashion and beauty worlds?

AT: I would say that fashion and beauty are great to experiment with. I know that everyone wants to get that perfect look straight away but don’t be scared to try different things and to go out of your comfort zone once in a while! You never know what you might discover. Another important thing is to be yourself, the worst part in style and makeup is to pretend to be another person. You should do it for you and because you love it. It is impossible to please everyone anyway so just have fun!

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To hear more about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle from Arielle, visit her blog With All My Affection and follow her on Instagram.

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Thank you to Arielle Tan for sharing her thoughts with TEF. This interview has been edited and condensed.


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