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For the second instalment of the Style Files series, I teamed up with Elizabeth Wade, the young mastermind behind the blog The New Neutrals. I spoke with Elizabeth about her style, her inspirations, and more.


The Eclectic Findings: So, Elizabeth, you seem to have your style all figured out! How would you describe it to people who are new to your blog?

Elizabeth Wade: Adaptive, somewhat inconsistent, and ever evolving. I’m inspired by various aspects: the current or the past. I love maximalist details and the fundamentals in minimalism. My style is progressive and I never settle for one aesthetic for too long. I like the trendy and the classic pieces. I’m a mixture of new and old age. Right now, I would describe it as trendy, streetwear and athleisure inspired. I’ve been looking at more masculine as well as feminine sporty looks. The inconsistencies of my style is likely due to the massive influence of social media and the overall exposure to a plethora of styles and individuals, that I would’ve never had the chance to interact with. I’m also still in my teens, 16 in fact, so I feel it’s a part of growing up and has been a journey of self discovery. My style has also provided me with the confidence and appreciation for uniqueness and diversity that many peers my age struggle with that is feeling the need to conform. I’m unapologetic and just strut my way through the halls. My style is definitely not materialistic, but rather a psychological part of myself.

don’t feel pressured … to be a certain way to become a popular blogger. just stay true to yourself and don’t dress for anyone BUT yourself.

TEF: I’m amazed at how clearly you see your relationship to fashion. I’m only a few years older than you myself, and I can’t say for sure that I’ve reached that level of confidence with my style. Since you say it’s a psychological part of yourself, do different parts of your personality surface through your fashion decisions?

EW: Details and cohesion. I’m a perfectionist so my outfits will have to coordinate, and overall be presented the way I want it to be. If I feel like this expectation isn’t met then I simply won’t wear it and come up with something else. That’s where my adaptive and chameleon qualities come into play.


Lily Rose Depp – photo from W Magazine

TEF: So do you have fashion inspirations? Or do you just march to your own drum?

My style inspirations, just like my style, vary. I’m heavily inspired by Instagram and the nonchalant styles of Erika Bowes, Lily-Rose Depp, and the likes. Films like Léon: The Professional provide excellent inspirations; 20 years later, the outfits of a young Natalie Portman are ones I still try to copy. Trendy brands such as Public School, Off-White and Acne Studios have been my favorites. I’m also inspired by classic silhouettes and structure; I love a crisp basic black or white button up with a few buttons unless to have that contrast of the structured and carelessness. I’m also fascinated by the mixture of maximalist and minimalist style.


TEF: Tell us your secret: where do you find all these amazing minimalist pieces?

EW: Lately, I’ve been thrifting, but my go-tos have been Depop and Unif. They have great unique finds and if I’m feeling adventurous I can always find something. Depop is a great place for vintage and hard to find items as well as being very eco-friendly since it’s mostly either pre owned or thrifted. Zara is great for trendy pieces, but their sustainability is questionable so I mainly try to stay away, if I can. I’ve been able to find great and different brands through social media and [by] following some of my favorite bloggers. I like supporting these smaller and sometimes international brands for stand out pieces. I’m quite particular, so many of my stores are online or local. Nashville has some great up-and-coming shops such as TwoSonsCo and vintage shops like Local Honey.

TEF: So are you more into budget buys, like thrifting, or splurging on clothing?

EW: Splurges, for sure. It’s important to splurge on the essentials and then find more reasonable alternatives for trendy pieces. Splurging allows you to appreciate [the] quality and the importance of long lasting pieces that you can create lots of memories in. It becomes a part of your wardrobe instead of being in constant rotation like a lot of trendy, seasonal pieces.

TEF: One last question for you. Who would you consider your favourite bloggers?

EW: A blog that I always find myself on has been Demeler; a lot of her style pieces and inspirations are similar to mine. She and I both love black and splurging in the classics as well as high fashion looks and trends. Another favorite has to be the famous and well known Man Repeller. I love the smart, witty writing and it’s updated frequently so there’s always something new to look at. I also love reading the blog of indie magazines like i-D, AnOther, Dazed & Confused and BoysLikeGirls. The images and graphics are fantastic along with commentary on the problems of the industry as well as delving in the controversial and cultural sects.



To read more of Elizabeth’s thought provoking writing, follow her on The New Neutrals. Check out her Instagram too!

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Thank you to Elizabeth Wade for sharing her thoughts with TEF. This interview has been edited and condensed.


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