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For the first instalment of the Style Files series, I spoke with Yuliya Oleynykova, the stylist behind the hit blog Yukova. Based in London, Yuliya shares her passions with the world in high-quality posts, covering the latest trends to her personal favourites in both the fashion and beauty worlds. I teamed up with Yuliya to talk about her style, inspiration, and shopping; read on for more.


The Eclectic Findings: So, Yuliya, to start off, I’m going to ask the big question we all dread answering: How would you describe your style? 

Yuliya Oleynykova: Where do I start with my style! I really love bold colours and prints, I love to match clothing that other people may not think of. I would say that my style is cute, girly fun and bold! I also have a love for bodycon dresses! I think as a woman you have to embrace your womanliness and sexy side.


Renata Litvinova – photo from Buro24/7

The Eclectic Findings: I always admire people who embrace their femininity. So who would you say is your style inspiration?

Yuliya Oleynykova: I don’t really have a style inspiration as such. But I really love the style of Renata Litvinova. She is a Russian screenwriter, actress and director. I love her personal style, which is 1940’s glamour. She always looks sophisticated and well put together which I love. Her style to me also represents femininity which I aim to represent [and] which I hope people can see from my blog.

TEF: I agree, that ’40s style is always something I’m drawn to, and I think you do a great job of bringing some of that glamour into your style.  How did you arrive at your style? 

YO: I have tried many different styles throughout my life, from dying my hair and being more ‘punk rock’ to going minimalistic in style ([that] didn’t go so well). However, I always gravitate towards a more dressed up sophisticated style.


TEF: I know what you mean; I’ve had trouble figuring out my personal style as well. It’s easy to get caught up in all the current trends. Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of clothing that seems to fit more with my personality. What parts of your personality do you think come out when you’re getting dressed?

YO: I feel that I can be a little indecisive when picking outfits sometimes. I will go to my closet to get dressed already thinking I know what to wear. I get there and I completely change my mind and have to go through ten new looks – mainly because I see something else I want to wear, and the circle goes on – until I find the one I want. I also love to accessorise my outfits. So I tend to take my time making sure that my accesories match my look completely.

TEF: So you love accessories and glamour; does that mean you prefer dressing up, or do you also enjoy spending the day in pyjamas?

YO: Living life as a fashion blogger, you have to look your best 150% of the time, going to events, meeting people, discussing possible business ventures. You always have to be on point with [w]hat you wear and even who you wear. So sometimes I like to relax and wear a pair of comfy jogging bottoms (my boyfriend’s) and a cosy jumper.




TEF: We talked earlier about your style inspiration in general, but do you have any favourite bloggers?

YO: One of my favourite bloggers is Peony Lim. I just adore how colourful and “out there” her blog is. She always delivers a wide [range] of topics along with her elegant personal style.

Another fashion blogger that I love is Hello October. Again I really enjoy the fact that she covers a wide variety of topics on her blog. Her images are beautiful and impeccably created.

TEF: You have a beautifully curated collection of clothing and accessories; it must be difficult to play favourites! 

YO: I do have a favourite jacket. It’s actually one that I designed myself when I was living in Kiev. However, when I was living in Kiev, I knew I was going to move to the UK and I thought that I could design a jacket that would suit all weather conditions that the UK throws at us. The jacket is purple with a green chain-like pattern over it. It’s a tailored jacket so can be worn with suit trousers or [a] dress.

I would have to say that my favourite shoes [are] my Revel’s New Mexico sandals bought from Lipsy. I adore the colour , and the wearable heel makes my life so much easier when at an event or on a night out. They also have jewel embellished detail on the front making them look elegant and sophisticated.


TEF: Wow, it must have been so cool to be a designer for a day! Do you have any favourite designers?

YO: One of my favourite designers is called Erdem. They create the most amazing dresses. Their designs are extremely feminine and have the most intricate designs that pop with colour. Their current collection consists of beautiful floral prints on everything from dresses, to blouses and more. I got to meet the designer himself in 2014 and it was a pleasure to be able to discuss such an amazing collection with him.

TEF: That sounds like an amazing experience. One last question for you, Yuliya. In your blog, you review various beauty products; how would you describe your relationship with makeup?

YO: I see my make-up as more of a finishing touch to my outfits. The outfits would still look good without makeup; I feel that if an outfit is well put together it should look good on it’s own. However, I do feel that makeup adds the finishing touches. It takes an outfit from looking good to great! But I can say for sure that HAIR is very important. You need to get your hair right, otherwise your outfit will be destroyed!


To read more about Yuliya’s favourite outfits, designers, and more, check out Yukova and follow Yuliya on Instagram.

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Thank you to Yuliya Oleynykova for sharing her thoughts with TEF. This interview has been edited and condensed. 


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