Macbeth Eyes

Recently I watched the new Macbeth film; and I must say, though I was a little disappointed with some of the artistic changes the director made, I was overall in love with this rendition of the famous Scottish Play. Some of the best parts of the movie were the costume and makeup. I especially loved Lady Macbeth’s makeup during the crowning scene: a swipe of blue across the eyes, covering the bridge of the nose and reaching the hairline on either side.



So, at the suggestion of my mum, I decided I’d make a more wearable version for you. Unfortunately, I  didn’t have a light blue eyeshadow, so instead I used a beautiful lilac colour, which will make green eyes pop. Read on for a list of products and the instructions.

Products Used

So, to start off, my eyebrows are already filled in. I filmed this after I went out that day, so I removed my makeup, but my eyebrows had worked out so nicely that I couldn’t bear to take them off. Then I went in with my foundation (which I will hopefully have a review of soon) and blended that all over the face and neck. I followed that up with some concealer, because we want a flawless finish. I also took a bit of concealer onto my lips to provide a base for the lip colour we’ll be applying later.

Then I primed my eyelids, because we want the colour application to be as smooth as possible. I then took a white pencil all over the lid, so that the lilac shadow would be a bit more noticeable. Apply the white wherever you want your purple (or blue) colour to sit; I took mine on the lid and then swept it out towards the end of my brow to replicate the look Lady Macbeth wore. Then I set with some light powder, because powder lays best on top of powders. Using my ring finger, I patted the lilac shade over all the white areas, and then I took that same shadow on a brush to intensify and blend the edges. In retrospect, I wish I had taken the lilac a bit higher above my crease…

To finish up, I applied a very light coat of mascara to my lashes (yes, the funny faces are absolutely necessary) and dabbed a bit of purple lip stain into the centre of my lips. If you decide to test out this look with blue eyeshadow, I would recommend a rosy pink to achieve a naturally flushed look. I also contoured; you don’t have to contour your nose if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but I just think it pulls together all the contour, so that you don’t just notice the cheeks. Then I went in with a silvery-lilac shade as my highlight, popping some in the inner corners, on my cupid’s bow, and on the cheekbones.

So there you have it, my take on Lady Macbeth’s ceremonious makeup. I really love the ethereal look it lends, and can’t wait to wear this during the upcoming spring months. If you recreate this look, tweet me a picture!



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