Real Talk: Why I Blog

I’m a blogger. I share photos of myself online and write about the things that interest me: mainly clothes, makeup, and books. But why do I blog? It’s a question oft asked when I’m struggling to type out anything remotely interesting to a draft post, on a deadline, and stressed out. Why do I go through with this?

The answer comes in two parts. The first part is simple: I blog because I enjoy it (though I complain enough to convince myself otherwise). But the second part takes some explaining.

I’ve always been a shy kid. You know, the type of kid who hides behind their mum’s legs and won’t talk to anybody. And I still am, though not to that extent (which I’m sure my mother’s happy about). I never had many friends, and I still only have a small group whom I love dearly. But I still feel uncomfortable meeting and talking to new people. I hate being in the spotlight. I feel uncomfortable taking compliments, or letting others know that I feel good about myself. I am so self conscious, and it never feels right to showcase or broadcast my talents and abilities. Basically, I’m still uncomfortable in my own skin.

Which makes no sense as to why I decided to be a blogger. But here I am, typing away and taking photos of myself and writing to you that I look good. So I guess part of the reason I blog is to force myself out of my comfort zones, to make myself comfortable letting people know my talents, to become self-confident. And to force myself to be my own best critic. Yes, you heard that right. My best critic. Which means learning not to critique myself in every photo I take. And not second guessing every idea I have.

So much of my hesitation to start on the blogging journey was rooted in my fear of other people’s opinions. What if I put myself out there and was ridiculed? But I pushed through, because really, it was something I wanted to try out. And I shouldn’t let other people get in the way of what I want to do. And yet I have the same hesitation in sharing this with you; what if it all seems trivial?

But I know there are others like me out there; those of us who are always on the sidelines, watching as everyone else does everything we want to do. And I say: go for it.


7 thoughts on “Real Talk: Why I Blog

  1. Emmanuelle says:

    I’d say I have a similar personality. On my blog I chose a different direction as I analyse fashion photographs and collections, but I know people like seeing personal pictures. I don’t mind sharing pictures of a new pair of shoes, but when it comes to my outfit it is more complicated. I hate myself on pictures so there are not many of them on my blog. I always think I should make an effort and share more images like this. I know readers won’t be negative, it is just me who is building up a barrier. And I agree on the fact that blogging can lead to overcome that 🙂

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    • theeclecticfindings says:

      Thank you for sharing Emmanuelle! I think blogging overall, not just sharing personal photos, are a big way of putting yourself out there. Props to you for sharing your analysis of the fashion industry; I find that aspect, the vulnerability of our thoughts, super daunting as well.

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  2. Hello Handbag says:

    Thank you for being so open! I love the idea of being a “best” critic, who else is going to be that for us if we don’t do it ourselves? And I agree, there’s no reason why we should let our fear of what other people think get in the way of what we want to accomplish. It’s scary and difficult, but going through that experience helps us grow.

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