Sunday Review

Ah, Sunday. Usually a day spent relaxing, doing the things we love most. And for me, that’s reading.

Lately I’ve been getting requests for more book and movie reviews, so today I thought I’d talk to you about a book that I’m reading right now.

I’ve mentioned my love for Audrey Hepburn many times on this blog, so it should be no surprise that the book I’ve picked out centres around this incredible woman. What Would Audrey Do? is “a complete Audrey primer,” filled with stories, insights, biographical information, as well as life lessons inspired by the actress and UNICEF ambassador’s actions.


Although I haven’t finished the book yet, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Although a large section of the book is devoted to talking about Hepburn’s style and life lessons, I admire the recognition author Pamela Keogh gives to the style icon’s humanitarian work. In my opinion, Hepburn’s contributions to UNICEF are not recognized nearly as often as they should be, and it makes me very happy to see that it was included in this novel. Keogh also gets my vote of confidence because it is obvious that she has spent years researching Hepburn and interviewing the people who knew her. Such in-depth research offers a broader, less stylized idea of the real Audrey Hepburn.

I’m enjoying every aspect of What Would Audrey Do? and can’t wait to see what lessons lie in store. If you’ve read or are reading this book, leave a comment telling me your favourite part! If you’re not following along with this Audrey guide, tell me: what are you currently reading?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Review

  1. Maireen says:

    I just finished “fifteen dogs” and highly recommend it. I’m also reading two nonfiction books: “That Lonely Section Of Hell” (about the Picton investigation) and “Furiously Happy” (mental health and resilience told from author’s experiences).

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