Hi all! Today I’m bringing you this makeup look, which I am totally in love with. I think I look pretty darn hot, if I do say so myself, and I can’t wait for the chance to wear this look out (since, you know, this is maybe a little too intense for your everyday-university-setting).

Products Used

So I’m starting off with a fresh face, and I’ve already moisturized. I’m then going in with a new primer I’m trying out, and truth be told I’m still on the fence about it. I’ll write up a review once I’ve decided on my verdict. I’m then going in with my regular foundation and blending it out, being sure to take it down my neck as well. As usual, I follow that up with some concealer and that’s the base done.

I’m then moving onto brows. Still loving this Annabelle brow pencil, and still filling them in the same way. By now you know the routine.

Now for the big part of this look: the eyes. I’m applying a bronzer all over the lid and into the crease. I’m taking it quite high up in the inner corners, almost to my brow, because I really like the way that looks on my eyes, but if you want to keep your shadow strictly to the lid and crease that’s fine too. I’m then taking a matte brown eyeshadow into the crease, slightly winging it in the outer corner. I’m then going in with a super dark brown eyeshadow (you can also use black or dark grey) and applying that very carefully in a V shape in the outer corner, blending it out with a different brush. You really want to make sure you’re concentrating that dark colour on the outer third of the eye, and not taking the dark shadow outside the outline of the wing you already created. To finish off the lid, I’m taking a shimmery brown and just patting it over the bronzed area and a little onto the smudged out blackish-brown.

And then, of course, my camera battery died. So, while I waited for it to recharge, I caught up on my other eye and tight lined my upper lash line with black, and my waterline with dark brown. To complete the shadows, I took the bronzer and the shimmery brown along my lower lash line, making sure the shimmer was only applied to the inner two-thirds of my eye. Then I’m going in with liquid liner and making a very small cat-eye, followed by that dark shadow again on a small brush to smudge that line out a bit. (You can dust off any fall-out after this.) Finish off with piles of your favourite mascara!

To finish off the face, I’m going back into that bronzer I used on my eyes and contouring. And yes, I am contouring my nose! I’ve been testing it out lately and find it just seems to pull the rest of my contouring together. Then I applied a generous amount of highlighter, because I love the glow. I really do. I smoothed this highlighter along my cheekbones, my brow bone, the tip of my nose, my cupid’s bow, and in the inner corners of my eyes for that Nikkie-inspired goddess glow. (I actually toned it down a bit for this look, but I’m planning a super glowy look for spring!) Near the end of the video I decided I needed a bit of blush, so I just took the one from the bronzer palette and popped a touch onto the apples of my cheeks, but this is totally optional.

For one of my favourite parts of this look, the lips, I used this gorgeous creamy lip crayon. The camera’s picking up the red undertones of this lipstick, but in natural lighting it looks more milk chocolate.

And that’s it, your look is complete! I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope to see you guys recreate this look. If you do, tweet me a picture; I’d love to see how you sport this soft, dark look.


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