Vintage DIY

I’m a collector of knick knacks, but unfortunately I’ve collected so many bits and bobs that I don’t know where to put them. Take this vintage key for example. It was originally bought from a little shop in Vancouver along with a weathered-looking chain, and the idea was that I would wear it as a long necklace. But it was actually uncomfortable to wear because it would bounce around and hit my ribs and stuff as I was walking. So I removed it from its chain and just let it float around my desk and bookshelves for years.

Over the past year or so, I’ve started following more and more needlepoint artists on Instagram (I’ve always wanted to needlepoint). Looking through Cinder and Honey‘s Instagram feed, I was inspired to use embroidery to showcase my antique key. Seeing as this year I want to expand my blogging repertoire, I thought I’d talk you through my (very simple) needlepoint process.


  • fabric (I chose white to coordinate with my bedroom, but you can choose whatever you want)
  • embroidery needle
  • vintage knick knack you want to showcase
  • embroidery hoop (to fit key or whatever object you use)
  • embroidery thread (ditto note for fabric)

I found the hoop, needles, and thread at my Michael’s craft store. The fabric is leftover from a different project I did way way back.

Step 1 – Prep: Thread your needle, knotting at the end. You just want to single-strand sew this project. Cut a piece of fabric to fit your hoop. Loosen the clamp on the hoop, pull the smaller hoop out, place fabric on back of hoop, right side facing hoop, and push the smaller hoop back into place, catching the fabric between the two hoops. Tighten clamp and trim fabric. You may also want to peel off the little protector tabs on the clamp of your hoop, which I totally forgot to do, so if you see some bright blue on the top of my hoop, that’s what it is.

Step 2 – Begin: Place your key in the centre of the hoop, details facing out. Starting from the back of your project, poke needle through the fabric and bring it over the key. Pull tight. For the next stitch, poke needle through from the back at the top, right next to where you just brought the needle through. This way you get a nice clean back. Do this one more time. For the fourth stitch, bring needle up at the top and cross the thread over, poking needle back into the fabric to the left of your first stitch.

Repeat, mirrored, for the right side. If you’d like, you can end it here. However, I wanted to add some more colour to my hoop, so I continued by making little running stitches all along the edge of my hoop, keeping them as consistent as possible. You can also do other designs, like a zig zag or polka dots, if you feel like it. To finish, knot your thread at the back, trim, and dot some clear nail polish over the knots (I find this keeps them from ever unravelling).


And voilà! You now have an awesome wall hanging showcasing your favourite vintage knick knack!

Let me know if you guys like this tutorial and give this post a like if you want to see more DIY segments in the future. I’d love to see if you give this a try, so tweet me a picture!


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