A Little Instagram Guide

I am obsessed with Instagram right now, and spend a little too much time scrolling through the hundreds and hundreds of photos that show up in my feed everyday. I’m always on the lookout for new accounts to follow, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Colour coordinated because it’s pretty 


  1. 1924us | I love the photos that adventurer Christian shares. There’s always a calm feeling to them. I also really enjoy reading the thought-provoking descriptions he adds, and admire the how honest he is with his thousands of followers; he has an honesty that’s not often seen in the world of social media.
  2. naturesmyfriend | There’s not enough nice things in the world to say about artist Jessica Gowling! Her etches and sketches are absolutely charming, and the genuine happiness and kindness she puts out to the world is astounding.
  3. juniperfoxx | As you probably know if you’re following me on any media platform, I a HUGE fan of foxes… and this cutie is no exception! Seriously, she will melt your heart!
  4. natalie_allison | As you will see while scrolling through this post, a good coffee shot will gain my “like” immediately! And Natalie posts some really nice ones. Like I mentioned about 1924us, Natalie’s posts are so calming to scroll through.
  5. cannellevanille | Warning: you will feel hungry after scrolling through Aran’s feed! Gorgeous food shots mixed in with portraits and landscapes… A perfect blend of the best types of photos.
  6. ladymoriarty | Talk about style inspo! As you remember from this post, menswear is another big love of mine, and Elodie’s style epitomizes the perfect balance between menswear, feminine pieces, and new trends.
  7. brittenelle | Some major hair envy here! Whenever I change my hair, I always seem to be able to find some awesome accounts with similar hair. She’s also got some of the most precise winged liner I’ve ever seen, which has got me brushing up on my cat eyes…
  8. newdarlings | The cutest couple with the cutest feed! Scrolling through their photos gives me such a warm, happy feeling… And makes me want to go out and buy a great felted trilby.
  9. ohhoneybakes | Again, with the food! There’s a reason I’m constantly craving cakes… Plus, the photography is astounding!set2instaaccts_Fotor
  10. parkncube | If you’ve checked out my Blogroll lately, you’ll recognize this name. Shini is an amazing photographer and constantly inspires me to try new things and make all my photos seem editorial (she makes this look easy, but somehow I fail every time…)
  11. millayvintage | I am a big vintage fan; got that from my mama! Among the multitude of vintage shops I follow, Millay Vintage is one of my favourites. Her vintage collection, home decor and occasional outfit shots are all amazing.
  12. needhamsss | As a knitter, I delight in seeing other people finish their projects! I first found her account through the Wool and the Gang hashtag (and her photo desperately made me want to buy the sweater pattern!), but the rest of her charming photos drove me to press that follow button.
  13. ughtaya | My sister introduced me to this account, if I remember correctly. I fell in love with her flat lays (which is something I still struggle with myself) and how bright and clean all her photos are.
  14. fromrosesxo | Much like ughtaya, Rebecca’s photos always look super bright and crisp. She has the most charming feed, full of florals and cute prints. Plus, her tattoos are amazing, especially the little bee!
  15. maryellenskye | Calm, soothing photos are a theme in this list! I love the almost-monochrome quality of her photos and her minimalist style.
  16. finn | I think this was one of the first accounts I followed when I joined Instagram. And to this day, it remains one of my very favourites. Maybe it’s just because I dream of living in the UK one day, but the serene shots of Welsh countryside always bring a smile to my face.
  17. livpurvis | Olivia is one of my major fashion inspirations, and I always know I can trust her for good book reviews since we seem to be on the same page (so punny) with Big Magic and What Would Audrey Do? Plus, she’s got one of the cutest pups out there!
  18. dpc_photography_ | Foggy landscapes. ‘Nuff said.


Who are your favourite Instagrammers? Leave your favourites in the comments! If you want to see another Instagram guide in the future, give this post a like ❤


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