Simple Holiday Makeup


I love getting dressed up for the holidays, but sometimes there just isn’t time for an intense smokey eye. This season, I’ve been reaching for the glitter and keeping everything else pared down, so I thought I’d throw a little tutorial together for everyone else who isn’t up to complex makeup this year.

Products Used

Since this is a holiday look, I opted for more coverage and applied my foundation after applying my moisturizer, blending it out with a Real Techniques brush. Following that, I covered up all dark circles, spots, and redness around my face.

Next, I filled in my brows using this new brow pencil, which I have to say is a pretty good dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz that I love so much. Same routine here, so I’ll move on.

Finishing up the face, I contoured my cheeks, following that up by a generous swipe of highlight. I took the highlighter in a check-mark shape on my cheekbones and up along my brow bone, as well as on my cupid’s bow and down the centre of my nose. I then applied the highlight all over my eyelid, to provide a glowing base for the glitter that will come later, and blended it all out with my fingertips. Next, I took a bit of Orgasm and lightly brushed that over my cheeks to add a pop of colour.

For the eyes, I took the tiniest bit of bronzer into the crease for some more depth, and then moved on to my liner. I’m doing the liner before applying the glitter because I find that chunks of the glitter stick to the liner’s nib and the next time I go to do a cat eye it doesn’t go so well. Then I’m swirling my ring finger into this gorgeous gold glitter and patting it all over the lid. You can build the glitter up as much as you want, but I was happy with how mine turned out. I then finished up with generous lashings of my favourite mascara.

To complete the look, I filled in my lips with this beautiful chocolate lip cream, but feel free to use any lipstick you want!

I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial, and I’d love to see how/if you recreate it!


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