Autumnal Makeup Look

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Finally, an autumnal makeup tutorial! (Not to mention an actual blog post…) I love fall; it inspires vampy lip colours and soft shadows, and that’s a combination I love! I decided to put together a warm, smokey eye with a rusty lip for you guys, so read on for a full list of products and a walk through!


So I started as usual with my base. I used one pump of my usual foundation and I just put little swipes all over my face and neck before buffing it out with my Real Techniques duo fibre brush. After I was sure the product was completely smoothed out, I went in with my concealer, just covering up any redness and my midterm-induced dark circles.

You all know this next step; do I really need to write out my brow routine?

Next, I’m taking this gorgeous gold shadow from Joe Fresh and I’m patting that all over my lids, really pressing in the product. Following that, I’m taking this gorgeous shimmery shadow on a Smashbox shadow brush and I’m creating a V-shape from the outer corner of my eye up into my crease. Then I’m just taking the brown shadow deeper into the crease, because I love me some cut-crease, and also a little farther onto the lid and a small amount along the lower lash line. I’m then taking the same brush I used for the gold shadow and I’m really blending out the darker shadow so that it fades almost to nothing up towards the brows. I love deviating from the standard black liner, hence why I’m smudging this gorgeous deep plum into my lash line. Following that I’m coating my lashes in my favourite mascara.

To finish up the face, I’m doing some contouring (which looks crazy scary for some reason but in reality it wasn’t that bad…) followed up by a bit of this gorgeous gold-flecked blush. Lately I’ve been applying this higher up on my cheekbones, which I think delivers a more natural flush on my face.

For the pièce de résistance, I’m applying an even coat of the most long-wearing lipstick I’ve ever tried. Please refer to this post for an in-depth explanation of the application process.

And voilà, an autumn makeup tutorial! I hope you all enjoyed it. In the comments, tell me: what’s your favourite look for fall, and what do you want to see next in a makeup tutorial?


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