What’s on my Reading List



Yes, I am that person that starts a book, puts it aside, and picks up another… and another… and… It’s a horrible habit, really, but I can’t help it — there are so many books I want to read! So, today I thought I’d share some books that I’ll be reading this month…

Why We Broke UpThis book was a birthday gift from about a year ago, and I have yet to start it. It’s been sitting on my shelf for too long! The story follows the breakup of Min and Ed, told through objects Min has collected throughout their relationship. The novel features some beautiful, brightly coloured illustrations, and I can’t wait to dive in.

The Elegance of the HedgehogNow, this is one that I started reading years ago, then put down and kind of forgot about (oh I feel like a terrible book owner admitting that!). The story reveals the inner thoughts and feelings of some of the residents in an apartment in Paris. Grab a dictionary if you’re thinking about starting in on this magnificent read; you’re going to need it.

From Notting Hill with Love… ActuallyAnother gift from the ever-thoughtful Zoe, this book seems right up my alley! I have so much in common with the main character, Scarlett, from her infinite love of Hugh Grant movies to her hope that her constant references to movies in normal conversation make sense. I’ll be honest, the writing itself is fairly simple; the story line, as far as I can tell, is formulaic. But I’m enjoying Scarlett’s adventures and can’t wait to curl up on a rainy day with a mug of tea and see what happens next.

OutlanderThis is a reread for me, because I managed to get to the third book before I had to put the pursual of Claire’s adventures on hold. My goal for the rest of 2015 and into 2016 is to finish the series of eight (or more, I’ve started to lose count) books in this Scottish-time-travel series. I’m such a sucker for historical fiction, and these novels, set in both 1945 and 1743, never fail to satisfy. But please, don’t ask if I’m going to watch the television series; you really don’t want to get that rant started!


So tell me, what are you reading this month? Leave your suggestions in the comments, because I’m always looking for more books to read! If you’ve read any of the books I’ve mentioned, let me know how you liked them!


5 thoughts on “What’s on my Reading List

  1. Zoe says:

    You’ve got to finish Why We Broke Up; it’s one of my favourite books. I am currently reading Boy Snow Bird by Helen Oyeyemi and am really enjoying it! It doesn’t hurt that the cover is BEAUTIFUL. 😉💕

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  2. Maureen says:

    I’m reading His Whole Life. Although I am captured by her writing style, simple yet emotionally captivating, I am getting a tad bored of the story line. I’m going to read The Martian and Under Major Domo Minor next as well as Working Memory & Learning.

    I enjoyed your reviews and look forward to more postings!

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