Fox Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Happy Halloween! It’s one of my favourite times of the year because I get to dress up and try out some crazy makeup. Last year I dressed up as a fox, because I had red hair, so I decided I’d show you guys how I did my makeup. Read on for the full description!


Here’s what I did last year… I changed the look a bit this time round

Products Used

Before I get into the tutorial, let me just say that I didn’t really do this tutorial in the right order… I got really excited to film it and didn’t put together a game plan.

I started off by applying a thin layer of primer all over my face; this helps keep makeup in place so it lasts all night. Next, I’m dotting my foundation all over my face and neck, then blending it all in with a Real Techniques Duo Fiber brush. To finish prepping my skin, I took an eyeshadow primer and applied it all over my lid, even up to the brows, and I put a little around my nose (you’ll find out why later).

To start the eyes, I’m taking a generous amount of bronzer on a Real Techniques shadow brush and applying it to my crease using windshield wiper motions. Notice that I’m taking it all the way up to my brow at the front, and making an overall semi-circle shape rather than following my natural eye shape. Keep building up your colour in thin layers until you’ve reached the point where you look orange. So then, because I realized I had forgotten to do my brows before starting my eyes, I took the Brow Wiz and lightly filled in my brows. Don’t go too overboard here, since we really don’t want the brows to be the focus. Then I went back into my crease with the NYX shadow, but I kept it really close in my crease and didn’t blend it out too high, just to add a bit more dimension. I then went back in with some bronzer to blend that out completely, and I took whatever was left along my lower lash line.

Next I’m sculpting my nose with a mix of bronzer and brown shadow. Make sure you only have the smallest amount of dark brown.  Then to blend I took more bronzer and just dusted it basically all over.

I then took my Smashbox blush brush (which they don’t make any more, but here’s another one) and really packed on the bronzer. I made a duck face (yes, I know it’s hilariously goofy, but for rounder faces it’s really the only way to figure out where the cheekbones are) and mapped out where I wanted to put the bronzer. After that, blend blend blend! You don’t want any harsh lines. Again, keep building colour until you look pretty orange… but don’t forget to take it down along your neck as well!

I’m using an NYX liner to create my white snout, but you could also use face paint. I wanted to blend mine out though, and this creamy formula is perfect for that. I drew in the lines around my mouth first, trying to make them even, and then I filled in along my top lip and the corners of my mouth with small, light strokes. Then I took the same brush I used to smooth out the eyeshadow primer and buffed away any harsh lines, bringing the colour over my lips and down onto my chin.

Then I jumped back to eyes; you see what I mean by “no game plan“? I loaded up my brush with a shimmery copper shadow and packed it tightly all over the lid. I followed that up by putting a bit of gold into the inner corners for a bit of added glamour.

Next I jumped back to my face, and applied an orange/copper/gold/pink-y blush onto the apples of my cheeks. Again, the more orange-ier the better! On a whim I took a bit of that gold shadow from the eyes and used it as a cheek and brow highlight.

And then — ah yes — my “fun” way of showing you that I lined my tight line and water line off camera. *cringes* Foxes have the most gorgeous, black rimmed eyes, so make this as black as possible! Then I smudged a little into my upper lash line. Next, I’m taking my Too Faced mascara — which was in a Favourites collection a little while ago — and I’m loading up my lashes with as much as they will hold.

I know a lot of people use eyeliner to make their Halloween noses, but I think face paint lasts longer and reaches a richer black that an eyeliner would. Plus, you’re not using up a nice product on your nose! Here I tried to make my “nose” look like a fox’s by dipping it a little in the centre.

Now for one of my favourite parts: the lips! Fox lips are black, so I’ve started off with this beautiful lipstick from Revlon (which will be in a tutorial soon!) and I’m just applying it straight from the tube. If you own a dark lipliner, I suggest putting it on beforehand, because what I didn’t realize before filming was that my hand is not as steady as I thought it was, and so my lipstick gets a little outside the lines (no judging, I didn’t have glasses or contacts on). Plus, a lip liner will help keep your lipstick in place throughout the night. Then I took some black shadow onto my ring finger and patted that in along my upper lip and in the centre of my lower lip.

For the finishing touch, I went back to the face paint and added in what I call “whisker dots”.

There we have it, a fox! I had so much fun creating this look for you guys, and I can’t wait until next Halloween when I can do some more full-on makeup looks! What are you doing for Halloween?

Comment below any Halloween tutorials you’d like to see next year, or any makeup tutorial you’d like to see for autumn, or Christmas, or New Year’s… you get the gist.


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