Fall Look & Mini-Review
















Happy October! I can’t believe it’s already the second month of fall; mainly, that I’m already a month into university. It’s also getting close to the time when I start playing Christmas tunes on the piano (I know, I get a little over-excited for the holidays…)

I also wanted to talk to you about the liquid lipstick I’m wearing with this look, because it really is an amazing product. I’d heard about the Rimmel Provocalips for quite a while before purchasing, and was skeptical about it’s claim of 16 hours wear. Everybody who bought it seemed to like it though, so during a sale (the best times to buy lipstick) I snagged a bottle in the shade 750 Heartbreaker, a rich rust colour. I tested it out at home, but found it was sliding around too much. Fast-forward a few weeks and I decide to give it another go, armed with the knowledge of how to properly apply it from my foray into the depths of the Internet. Here’s how it works: apply the colour first, making sure to push off any excess from the doe-foot applicator before spreading on your lips (this helps make colour application more even and it’s easier to control where the lipstick goes). Then, keeping lips apart, let dry for approximately one minute. Repeat these steps again with the clear sealant, holding lips apart until the lipstick is dry to the touch. It seems like a lot of work, but after this, you don’t need to reapply… at all. Provocalips is a liquid lipstick crossed with a stain, so you get all the benefits of each: creamy texture, rich opaque pigmenting, extreme long wearability… However, like many liquid lipsticks, Provocalips is really drying on your lips, so be sure to moisturize well in advance of application! To give you an example of how long it lasts: I wore it to a live music show of Richie and the Poor Boys at the Streaming Café with a friend. There, I drank a fairly large Americano. The lipstick didn’t budge or transfer to the cup at all. Later, I found that my makeup remover and soap and water didn’t seem to work for removing the lipstick, so, lazy tired as I was, I left it where it was and went to bed. The lipstick stayed on until after lunch the next day, other than on the inside-ish area of the lips. Sold? I know I was. This is the perfect lipstick for those of you who hate reapplying!

Outfit Details

Coat: Topshop // Top: Ralph Lauren Denim&Supply, similar here // Scarf: Joe Fresh, similar here // Jeans: H&M // Boots: Pegabo, similar here // Rings: Tumbleweed Bead Co. // Earrings: 8th and Main // Glasses: Giorgio Armani


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