When it’s One of *Those* Days


I’m sure everyone has had days when a great cloud descends upon one’s mood and doesn’t budge. I hate feeling down-in-the-dumps, so I’ve come up with a few easy things that I do to lift my spirits.


Listen to or play some music: Personally, I always find that sitting down at the piano and playing some tunes helps me feel happier. The focus it requires distracts me from my less-than-lovely thoughts, and the satisfaction of achieving a tricky technical move is a mega mood-booster. Don’t know how to play an instrument? Find or create an uplifting playlist and blast it loud! My suggestion: Coeur de Pirate.


Bake: Not only do cookies, cupcakes, and other sweets taste amazing (super surprising, I know), they also smell great and infuse your house with warm, comforting scents. Being busy will distract your mind and of course the sweets will give you a happy sugar rush. My suggestion: raspberry white chocolate cupcakes — de-lish!


Flowers: Gather some natural blooms or go buy a posy. While your goodies are baking, take the time to arrange them in a neat, pleasing way (and don’t forget to take breaks for intense dance moments!) Catching a glimpse of the bright colours as you go about your day is sure to bring a smile to your face.


A book and a drink: Grab an engrossing mystery or light romance or whatever it is that tickles your fancy that day and a nice mug of tea or coffee. If the cookies/muffins/etc are done, take a plate of those, too. My suggestions: Water for Elephants (although I’m pretty sure everyone’s read it by now), The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and A Life in Stitches. (Also, side note: picked up this adorable fox mug at the Etsy Made In Canada market over the weekend from a shop called Nature’s My Friend. Go check out the rest of her merch!)


Bubble bath: Although I am personally not a huge bath person, I know that many people find them extremely relaxing. And with so many options for “bath enhancement” — bath bombs, melts, oils, and such — who wouldn’t want to soak in the suds? Bring a magazine, light some candles (in a safe place), and hook up some bluetooth speakers for an awesome relaxation moment. My suggestion: any LUSH bath product and the latest VOGUE magazines!


Get crafty: Knit, draw, paint, scrapbook, or anything else that will make you happy. Don’t do any of these? Pick one and start learning! The satisfaction of triumphing over learning a new skill is sure to bring a smile to your face (and gives you all the bragging rights).


What do you do to boost your mood on “bleh” days? I’d love to know; share your ideas in the comments!


In other news, we finally have a blog post! I meant to post this way earlier, but was having some technical difficulties… Hopefully this week we will be back to our regular scheduled posting!


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