August Favourites

How is it already September? It seems like August flew by without even stopping for a quick chat. On the upside, this means it’s time for another monthly favourites! So, without further ado, read on for my favourite things of the summer.


First things first: My ABSOLUTE favourite


These rings from Tumbleweed Bead Co. are my favourites of all my favourites. They were given to me by my beautiful cousin Kate when my family went down to the States. I was surprised, touched, and super happy, and have worn them pretty much everyday since. Tumbleweed is a small, local business that handcrafts gorgeous eco-friendly jewelry out of recycled metals. They have a shop in Washington as well as an Etsy shop, for those of us who can’t pop in to the actual shop on a weekend. And yes, I am compiling a list of things to buy the next time I happen to be in Washington!

Next on the list: Soft skin


By now you all should know that I struggle with dry hands. For the longest time I was using the Instant Hand Repair from Barefoot Venus, and while I still use it at least twice a week, another cream has taken its place as daily-used hand repair. Allow me to introduce the Body Shop hand cream! My favourite scent is Honeymania; it’s sweet, but not overpowering, and the scent fades into your skin until there is only the faintest trace to remind you that, yes, you did already apply hand cream. A pet peeve of mine with hand lotions is when the product leaves your fingers sticky and slippery. Honeymania melts into the skin, leaving a silky-to-the-touch finish that won’t transfer onto your favourite book.

The daily-wear: Better than everything


Now, “better than everything” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but in all truthfulness, the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is the best mascara I’ve tried so far. It creates length and volume in my lashes, a combination that is fairly difficult to find. My lashes also seem to be more curled and to hold that curl, which is slightly baffling since I never curl my eyelashes with a torture device curler. Plus, how pretty is the mascara tube? Pale pink packaging will always win my heart.

Moving on: Sun shielding 


I spent all of spring searching for the perfect summer hat. You have to understand, this is tricky business, since I have an unusually small head and hats never seem to fit. When I happened upon this straw boater from Urban Outfitters, I took a chance and ordered it, praying that it would fit my head. When it finally arrived (unfortunately quite bent up from the mail), I placed it on my head– and it fit! I was so happy to have finally found a hat that didn’t fall down past my eyes that I didn’t at all mind steaming and reshaping the brim.

Hang in there: Made for walking


Another find from my trip to the States are these loafers (unfortunately found at a Nordstrom Rack, and no longer available in the colour I bought according to their website), and are they ever comfortable! I know I’ve said this far too many times in this blog post, but here it is again: I’ve worn these pretty much everyday since I bought them.

Next up: Colour me happy


What would summer be without bright nail polishes? Earlier this season, two colours seemed to be screaming at me for attention: a light, sky blue, and an orange-red shade. The first came mainly from blogger Vivianna Does Makeup, who seemed to always have a shade of blue on her nails (which is giving me serious nail-envy; see here, here, here). The latter caught my attention in various YouTube videos and blog posts in the form of both nail polish and lipstick. I hunted for similar shades, and was about to give up when I found some Essie ones in a Save-On in town (I bought Find me an Oasis and Fifth Avenue). I was so happy to have finally found the perfect summer shades! I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop, switching which one I wear every time, sometimes doubling up and painting my toes the same as the nails. Now all I need to do is find the perfect orange-y red lip colour…

Last one: What I can’t put down


Now, admittedly, this shouldn’t be an August favourite, since I’ve been working on this book that my friend Zoe lent me for a couple of months. But, this month was really the first time I could sit down with it and not find myself interrupted or distracted. For any clothing lover, Women in Clothes is a must read. In it you will find interviews, photographs, musings, and essays, all on the subject of fashion. Although I haven’t finished reading it yet, this book gets a 10/10 from me!

So that’s it for this month! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about the bits and bobs I’ve been loving, and I hope that you’ll give some of them a try as well. Let me know some of your August favourites in the comments!

want more favourites? read July’s favourites here!


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