Time to Get Fit


As some of you know, I was quite ill this year, and as a consequence, was unable to keep up any of my exercise routines… like, none of it. And, because I’m a bit of a couch potato, I’ve been holding off getting back into shape for a while. So I have made up my mind to get fit (again)! Since I know that if I don’t share my plans with others, I will rarely follow through, I’m sketching out my workout schedule for you. Feel free to follow along, or tell me your favourite ways to get those endorphins going.

Being the routine-oriented person that I am, I decided I would make a schedule to follow. For now, since I’m really out of shape and can’t do much (and no, I do not exaggerate), it goes a little something like this:

Monday: Walk, 20 mins and ballet stretching. Now, when I say walk, I don’t mean at a leisurely pace, stopping to smell flowers or take a selfie. I mean a brisk walk around my neighbourhood, which is quite hill-y. Plus, I get to take my pup along with me, which I know we will both immensely enjoy.

Tuesday: Yoga and abs. I’ve recently discovered YouTuber Adriene, of Yoga With Adriene, and I am in love with her videos. Tuesdays will be the more hard-core yoga practices from her array of videos.

Wednesday: Zumba! I received a Zumba dvd kit a few years back as a gift, and decided it would be a great way to incorporate cardio and dance into this regime.

Thursday: Rest day. As I mentioned, I am way out of shape right now, so I’m making two rest days a week so that my body has time to recuperate and get used to the new physical strains.

Friday: Walk, 20 mins and ballet stretching. Again, I’ll take my pup, and I’ll take a different route from Monday to add some variation to my week. After week one, I’ll up the walk time to 30 mins, the next week to 40… you get the picture. Heck, maybe I’ll even up it to 20 mins of jogging……. but who am I kidding, I never run!

Saturday: Yoga. Since it’s the end of the week, I’ll probably take it slow and easy with this session, focusing more on relaxation and gentle stretching.

Sunday: Rest.  And I will probably need it.

To those of you who are fitness fanatics or even just mildly in shape, this schedule probably sounds a bit mild. But, seeing as I haven’t done a proper workout for, oh, about six months, I know my body will appreciate taking it slow to start off. When I build up my strength a bit more, I’ll add in some more stuff.

Have any ideas for additions to the workout? Leave ’em in the comments!


Bonus picture of my puppy relaxing on my mat because she is just so darn cute


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