These are a few of my Favourite Things

July has come and gone in the blink of an eye… and, since it is still technically the beginning of August, I decided I would round up my favourite things from last month and talk to you about them.

First up: London.


Inside the Globe Theatre. We saw Richard II, starring Charles Edwards.

As those of you following my Instagram will know, my family and I went to Europe for two weeks. We visited London, Paris, and Barcelona. My favourite city by far was London. I really felt at home there, and I feel I mastered the tube! We did a lot of sightseeing even though it was freezing. One of the things I enjoyed most was visiting the National Portrait Gallery to see the Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon exhibit. Other sights included Hampton Court, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and The Tower of London.


Hampton Court, home of Henry VIII


Inside St. Paul’s (L) and the view from the Golden Circle (R)

We stayed near the Shard in a cute little flat which was conveniently located near a tube station. We even found a gluten free bakery in the Borough Market. Since my mum, sister, and I are obsessed with the show Mr. Selfridge, we popped into Selfridge’s…. and my goodness was it amazing! I bought a winter jacket, of all things, from the Selfridge’s Topshop, and my mum bought a Jo Malone cologne; it smells so good, I wish I could have splurged on one.


The classic red double deck buses outside of Selfridge’s

Moving on: The Liner to End All Liners


The thing with following beauty bloggers from the UK is that they are always talking about things unavailable in Canada. I took advantage of being in England to try out a beauty bit that is always being talked about: the Supercat eyeliner from Soap&Glory. And may I just say, this is the best liquid liner ever. Seriously, ever. The felt tip makes application super easy, and the formula is extremely long lasting. (Remember when I mentioned that I usually forget I’m wearing winged liner and rub the corners of my eyes? Yeah, this stays on despite that.) I regret only buying one of these, since I have a feeling I will be working on perfecting my cat-eyes on a daily basis. ** After writing this, I was linking everything up and found out they stock certain S&G products at Shopper’s Drugmart in Vancouver, Ontario, and Quebec… who knew?**


Next on the list: Meditation to go


For those who are traveling, studying for an exam, or are constantly busy, meet the app that will help you de-stress. Calm is a free app that offers soothing sounds (my favourites are Rain on Leaves and Celestial Sunbeams) as well as guided meditations. The meditations are a minimum of two minutes and can go up to thirty, depending on what you have time for. It feels so great to take a small break during my day and just relax. If any of you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just need a break, give this a try.

Here’s another one: The Sassy Sipper


Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love so much about this mug: the bright colours, the fox (I am obsessed with foxes), the sassy statement… Really, need I say more?

I’m obsessed: The Thing I Want to Show Off All Day, Every Day


This is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry of all time. I mean, it’s a fox on a stamp from Hungary. Based on that last statement, you’ve probably all guessed that this stunner is from Oh! The Post!, a local business with whom I’ve collaborated. Laura, creator of this unique and awesome shop, is so amazing. I definitely recommend checking out her Etsy shop, or stopping by her stand at the Kelowna Farmer’s Market if you are in town. (Check out her Facebook page for more info.)

One more: The Memento


Although I did most of my holiday shopping in London, I did pick up this little ring from a small boutique called Nils Avril near a gluten free bakery. I mean, shopping and pastries, what more could I ask for? Anyway, the boutique was full of unique clothing and jewelry, and I would have loved to peruse longer, but our sightseeing schedule was pretty tight. This ring is one of my most-loved purchases from Europe; in fact, I’ve worn it every day since I bought it.

I lied, there’s more: The New Lipstick


As a self-professed lipstick junkie, I think it’s safe to say that it comes as no surprise that a lipstick should be featured in a monthly favourites write-up. I picked this beaut up in June, I believe, when it was on sale (ssscooooore!). As you all know by now, the Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss for Rimmel in the shade 107 has long been my favourite lipstick. But this punchy pink (shade 106) has quickly become one of my most-reached-for shades of the summer, actually out-ranking the original red.

Final one: The Inspiration

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 4_Fotor_Collage

As I mentioned in this post, whenever I need some beauty inspiration or need to learn some new techniques, I turn to YouTube. Throughout July I have been binge-watching videos from Hello October (left photo) and Kathleen Lights (right photo). Both women have super cute personalities and mad makeup skills. The way they apply their makeup is mesmerizing, so beware! You may end up watching their relatable videos back to back for a lot longer than you expected.

I hope you all enjoyed my July favourites! Let me know in the comments if you’d like this to become a regular thing.


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