The Real Deal on Real Techniques


I love watching makeup how-tos and product reviews on YouTube. In fact, I learned most of my makeup application skills from YouTubers like Michelle Phan, Vivianna Does Makeup, and Pixiwoo. YouTube is a reliable resource to me for all things beauty: if I’m contemplating a beauty purchase, I search for reviews and first impression videos. Many times, I’ve found products that I absolutely love from watching makeup and beauty videos (one such product is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in shade 107). So, when I decided it was time to upgrade my makeup brushes, I went straight to YouTube.


Real Techniques was created by Sam and Nic Chapman, who are also the masterminds behind the YouTube beauty channel Pixiwoo. These brushes come highly recommended from tons of other YouTubers, and I wanted to try them out but I didn’t know if they were sold in Canada. Fast forward a little while and I realize they are sold at London Drugs and Pharmasave (to see where these brushes are stocked in your country, click here). So what do I do? Buy them of course!

The brushes are super soft and feel luxurious; I smiled the whole time I was applying my makeup because they felt so nice! They are well balanced and comfortable to hold, and of course very cute in the metallic purple. The brushes themselves are synthetic, which makes for easy cleaning, and don’t shed.

If this blog post hasn’t convinced you, go buy these immediately because seriously, you need these in your life.


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