The Braided Undercut

Photo on 2015-04-07 at 11.56 AM #3 Undercuts, which are close-cropped sections of hair in an otherwise long haircut, have recently become a huge trend. However, no need to jump for the scissors just yet: an equally stylish and not so permanent version has announced itself and quickly become favoured by all. This is the braided undercut.

The braided undercut is a fun way to make any outfit feel a little more edgy, and it’s super easy to achieve. Simply follow my instructions and you’ll be ready to go! P1130742What you’ll need: A long handled comb, bobby pins, hair product, and whatever other tools (in my case, a flat-iron) to style hair as usual. I like to use these mini bobby pins because they are super easy to hide. I find they actually hold hair better than the normal sized ones! P1130744 To start: Style hair as usual. I prefer to pair the braided undercut with wavy or curly hair for a little extra oomph, although this style looks great with straight hair as well! I’m using this technique from Lily Melrose to create loose waves. P1130746 Because of the braiding, this hairstyle works best with second day hair; the natural oils will help the hair stay in place, so your braids won’t be slipping around. If, like me, your hair is a little too slippery for braiding, rub a small amount of texture paste onto your fingers. This will give the hair more grip while you’re braiding. P1130760 Next, section off a small part of hair near the back of your head and clip it to the other side. This will later be used to cover the pins and the ends of the braids. share   Now it’s time to start braiding! Pick up a small section of hair and split into three. Since I want my braids to be around the same size, I am picking up roughly half of the hair near my face. Then, start braiding as you would for a French braid, but pick up hair from underneath the braid rather than from the sides. When finished, pin and repeat for the second braid.

Variation: You can choose to do as many braids as you want; for fine hair, I suggest one braid. You can also choose to continue the braids right to the ends of your hair. Another variation is to do a Dutch braid instead of a French braid; in that case, the braids will stand up away from your head and create little ridges. share To finish, unclip the hair from earlier and arrange it so it hides the pins. Voilà! You have successfully created a braided undercut! share

I hope you enjoyed my first hair tutorial! Some of the pictures aren’t very clear, and I’m sorry about that, but it’s very tricky to photograph a hair tutorial using only a self-timer. Are there any other tutorials (hair or otherwise) that you would like to see? Leave ’em in the comments!


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