Stripes like Lined Paper











There comes a time — whether one is writing a blog post, an article, or a letter — when there is nothing to say. I had hoped this time would not appear so early on in my blogging career ambitions. And yet, here it is.

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if everyone who is compelled to write feels this, but I always feel huge pressure to write something interesting, something that will completely surpass the last post in wit, length, and quality. Sometimes it makes me downright cross, and I’m sorry to everyone who’s tried to talk to me when I’m in this mood (you know who you are).

Since the very conception of this blog, I’ve kept a journal for all my ideas for future posts. Unsurprisingly, most of the pages are filled with clothing combinations and completely devoid of any written substance. Which of course leaves me staring at my computer screen as the pictures upload into the blog draft, frantically thinking, ‘Oh my God I actually have to write something, what am I going to write, I have to write something!’ Usually I can come up with some sorry excuse for people to read. Although really, how many people actually read these long, rambling paragraphs that, in my experience anyway, are just the randomly collected thoughts of the author? I know that I am guilty of scrolling through some blogs only looking at the pictures.

So tell me, do you just indulge in the gorgeous photography of bloggers and bypass the written bit? Or do you read the whole thing, top to bottom?

Outfit Details

Jacket: Gap (on sale right now) // Top: Ralph Lauren Denim + Supply, similar // Scarf: Old Navy, similar here, here // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: old, similar here


2 thoughts on “Stripes like Lined Paper

  1. Bianca Yvonne says:

    First of all, really like this look ladybird!

    Secondly, yes, I do read blog posts – but I have low expectations. And sometimes I think just writing even 3 sentences on how you feel right in that moment, or what that look makes you feel like, is perfectly enough.

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