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Photo from @ohthepost on Instagram

I love shopping local. I love knowing exactly who I’m supporting and knowing that I am getting high-quality goods.




Today I bought three stamps from local business Oh The Post. This company creates gorgeous jewellery using stamps. Many times I have perused their Instagram or walked into a shop that carries Oh The Post products and fallen in love. So you may ask, why did I buy only the stamps? These stamps are unfortunately too big to be made into pendants without losing some of the image, so Laura graciously let me buy the stamps as they were because I loved them so much. I love butterflies (lepke means butterfly in Hungarian) and the gorgeous artwork captured my heart. The fact that these are from Magyar sealed the deal for me, as I am of Hungarian descent. I hope to continue supporting Oh The Post throughout the future!


Barefoot Venus (you saw this coming, didn’t you?) is another local business I am in love with. Their products smell amazing, feel amazing, and are free of parabens and other chemicals. Plus — Celiacs rejoice! — many of their products are wheat and gluten free! For more information (or maybe just a lengthier reiteration of what I’ve said here) see this post.


Another Kelowna local business is Arlo’s Honey Farm. Every time I step into their small store I get a warm, contented feeling. As the name suggests, they keep bees and make honey; and let me tell you, their honey is goood. Arlo’s has so many different flavours, it can seem overwhelming at firsP1130706t. But the honey is so delicious that I might just become Winnie the Pooh and eat honey all day! My favourites are Black Honey and Vanilla Honey. But honey isn’t the only thing you’ll find here: Arlo’s also offers a variety of candles, lotions, and lip balms made from their beeswax and other local resources through their brand Bee Basics.

There are many pros to shopping local, like knowing where the products come from and supporting small businesses. Which local businesses do you recommend?


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