20s Inspired









Tea and donuts at The Epicurean

The cherry blossoms had started to bloom when I arrived in Vancouver, BC. It was such a beautiful, welcoming sight! The weather was ever-changing, as is to be expected: first sunny and warm, then cold and rainy, then sunny again, then densely foggy…

As a Celiac, I find it difficult to eat out when I visit different cities. I tend to go to Vancouver multiple times a year, and over the extended period of these trips I have found a few really wonderful places to eat. Two small cafés we went to, Culprit Coffee Co. and The Gluten Free Epicurean (what a great name!) were dedicated gluten-free — such a refreshing reassurance! Another great venue to eat out is The Wallflower; while they are not 100% gluten-free, they are super careful and knowledgeable. Plus, the food is amazing and the portions are huge!

Vancouver is honestly one of my favourite cities… even when it rains, I feel like I’m at home. I can’t wait to go back… which is only a few weeks away!


Outfit Details

Sweater: Joe Fresh (similar here) // Skirt: vintage (similar here) // Shoes: old (similar here)


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