And Winter Stays


It sifts from leaden sieves,

It powders all the wood,

It fills with alabaster wool

The wrinkles of the road.

It makes an even face

Of mountain and of plain,—

Unbroken forehead from the east

Unto the east again.

It reaches to the fence,

It wraps it, rail by rail,

Till it is lost in fleeces;

It flings a crystal veil

On stump and stack and stem, —

The summer’s empty room,

Acres of seams where harvests were,

Recordless, but for them.

It ruffles wrists of posts,

As ankles of a queen, —

Then stills its artisans like ghosts,

Denying they have been.

— Emily Dickinson, Nature Poem 50






We didn’t have a white Christmas this year; now, though, some snow drifts come up to my shoulders! I have mixed feelings about the snow, if I’m being honest. I love the look of snow, especially when it’s softly floating down and I’m inside with a big mug of tea and a good book. But when I have to walk somewhere, and it’s icy and snowy and slushy (and gets in my shoes, like during this shoot), it’s a whole different story.

Outfit Details

Sweater: Vero Moda (similar here) // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Pegabo (similar here) // Lipstick: The Bodyshop Color Crush in the shade 240


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